1901 Born in Asansol, West Bengal, India
1904 Migration to Baden-Baden, Germany
1916 Youngest Factory Worker at E.G. Leuckfeld, producing military uniforms
1920 Truck driver for our family’s cheese factory
1922 Commence studies of Physics at the University of Vienna
1925 Travel to Paris, first contact with the Surrealist movement
1930 Collaboration with Stravinsky on cancelled opera project
1933 My art gets denounced by Nazis in Germany
1935 Emigration to the USA
1945 Disillusioned by the commercialization of the art world, retreat to a remote cabin in the woods
1955 First experience with psychedelics
1965 Touring the US with Timothy Leary in his Magic Bus
1968 “Dark Phase” focussing on the subconscious mind
1970 Major retrospective at the Leo Castelli Gallery, NYC
1975 Meeting Jeff Koons. He steals one of my artworks.
1978 Performance of “Ode to Richard Nixon” gets cancelled
1980 Spiritual Awakening leads to creating large sculptures made out of garbage found in the streets of New York
1985 “Garbage Expo” in my family’s cheese factory in Baden-Baden
1990 Second retreat to my cabin in the woods
1995 Premiere of unfinished Stravinsky collaboration in New York
2000 MacArthur Fellowship for contributions to contemporary art
2015 Street Art in Europe and the Middle East
2020 Digital Art exploring the absence of NFTs

Artist Credo

Exploring the wild unknowns
of digital art
and traditional art
pen in my mouth
pressing my buttocks firmly together
so as not to fart
thinking about pens
the ink in my mouth
the pen is leaking
I am drawing
with my tongue
over the paper
naked women
and saliva
I am slapping my dick against the edge of the table
keeping the rhythm
not falling apart
listening to the tune
that keeps repeating in my head
that the ink is not toxic
running down my throat
looking outside
at naked women
dancing over the frosted lawn
the frozen pond
the cat sneering
pheasants rising
the mist dissipating
the eyes clearing
the headache clearing
the mind transparent
and willing
to write
another line